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Ragnarok Manga

“Record of Ragnarok” has been a manga series that has captured the imagination of readers with its epic battles and mythological storytelling. As the series reaches its conclusion, fans are eager to see how the ultimate battle between gods and humanity will unfold. In this article, we’ll explore the ending of “Record of Ragnarok,” discuss some key moments from the series, and answer frequently asked questions about its conclusion.

The Story So Far

“Record of Ragnarok” follows the story of the gods, who have grown disillusioned with humanity and decide to destroy them in a final battle known as Ragnarok. However, humanity is given a chance to fight for their survival by the Valkyrie, who select 13 of history’s greatest warriors to represent them in combat against the gods. The series is a thrilling blend of action, mythology, and philosophy, as the warriors battle against gods like Thor, Zeus, and Odin in epic one-on-one fights.

The Ending

The ending of “Record of Ragnarok” is a climactic showdown between humanity’s champion, Adam, and the chief god, Zeus. The battle is an intense and brutal affair, with both combatants pushing themselves to their limits. As the fight progresses, it becomes clear that this is more than just a battle for survival—it is a clash of ideals and philosophies.

In the end, Adam emerges victorious, delivering a devastating blow to Zeus and securing humanity’s survival. The gods, Ragnarok Manga humbled by their defeat, agree to spare humanity and allow them to continue their existence. The series concludes with a sense of hope for the future, as humanity and the gods begin to rebuild their relationship.

Key Moments

  • The battle between Thor and Lu Bu, which is one of the most anticipated fights in the series. The clash between the Norse thunder god and the Chinese warlord is a spectacle of power and skill.
  • Adam’s fight against Zeus, which is the culmination of the series and a test of both physical and philosophical strength. The battle explores themes of humanity’s potential and the nature of gods and mortality.
  • The final chapter, which provides closure for the characters and leaves the door open for future adventures in the world of “Record of Ragnarok.”


Q: Does humanity win the battle against the gods in the end?

A: Yes, humanity emerges victorious in the final battle, with Adam defeating Zeus and securing humanity’s survival.

Q: Are there any major character deaths in the final chapters?

A: Yes, several major characters die in the final battles, including some of humanity’s champions and gods.

Q: What is the significance of Adam’s victory over Zeus?

A: Adam’s victory symbolizes humanity’s triumph over the gods and their ability to determine their own fate.

Q: Will there be a sequel to “Record of Ragnarok”?

A: There has been no official announcement regarding a sequel to “Record of Ragnarok,” but fans are hopeful for more stories set in the same universe.


“Ragnarok Manga” has been a thrilling and thought-provoking manga series that has entertained readers with its epic battles and deep themes. The ending of the series is a satisfying conclusion to the battle of the ages, as humanity emerges victorious against the gods. As fans bid farewell to their favorite characters, they can look back on a series that has left a lasting impact on the world of manga.

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