Elevate Your Burger Recipes: 7 Creative Burger Topping Ideas

Burger Topping

Burgers don’t have to be boring because they’re a barbecue staple! Though traditional burger toppings including lettuce, tomato, and onion always look nice, there are a tonne of other delicious topping options that will complement the flavorful patties. There is a topping on the following list that can work for you whether you’re making sliders, vegetarian burgers, salmon hamburgers, or even burger takeaways

Roasted Onions 

Your burger gains a depth of flavour that is both sweet and savoury when you add caramelised onions. Add the sugar and oil to thinly sliced onions and cook over simmering water until the onion slices are golden brown, tender, and naturally sweet. 


Your burger gets a burst of flavour and texture from the rich, creamy guacamole. This Mexican-inspired garnish, which is made of ripe avocados, lime juice, minced garlic, and a mixture of other spices, is ideal for giving your dish a special touch.

Dip in Feta 

For a truly Greek touch, top your lamb burgers alongside a spread of fresh feta cheese. It is created with yoghurt, cucumbers, feta, mint, and a few other common Mediterranean ingredients.

Avocado Salad 

A Caprese salad is now more than simply a side dish! Alternatively, consider topping your burger with all of your favourite summertime salad ingredients, such as mozzarella and balsamic or fresh tomatoes and basil pesto.

Handmade Ketchup 

Ketchup is the ideal condiment for hot dogs, burgers, and French fries since it is sweet, savoury, and tangy. Although you could purchase a bottle of the condiment, why not give making your ketchup a shot? This recipe works well if you’re looking for a version without corn syrup with a high fructose content.

Bacon Jam with Whisky 

This whisky bacon jam is excellent as a topping for burgers, but it can be spread over almost anything. It retains its smoky flavour and is a terrific change of pace.

Wild West Sweets (Candied Jalapenos)

Hurrah! Your life is going to take a positive turn, thanks to this hot and sweet sauce. Although this topping isn’t as spicy as regular jalapeños, you still have to try it if you enjoy pickled flavours! You may use the syrup and all of this mixture.

Bonus Ideas:

Blue Cheese, Hot Sauce, and Celery

Bleu cheese & hot sauce were meant to be together. Why not add celery to the mixture, as you already use it as a dipping vehicle? In perfect contrast to the sharp sauce, the celery gives a delicious, calming crunch.

Dressing for Ranch

Not much can’t be improved by a little homemade creamy ranch dressing! For a zesty touch, drizzle the herb dressing over the top of your burger.

Sautéed Onions and Peppers

The Italian-style burger was inspired by the traditional sausage and pepper sub. Ree adds provolone cheese, sautéed peppers and onions, plus fresh basil to her luscious beef sausage patties.

Green Chiles

Serve these cheeseburgers with green chillies to liven up your BBQ. The spiciness from the pepper jack cheese & green chillies is counterbalanced by a luscious garlic mayonnaise.

Barbecue Sauce from Memphis

A homemade barbeque sauce elevates a dish from mediocre to exceptional. Jarred barbecue sauces aren’t inherently bad, but it’s important to tailor them to your family’s preferences as well! This Memphis sauce is also not to be missed. That pantry item will make a big difference in your summertime burgers.

Sauce Hoisin

Make this hoisin sauce for a burger that seems more Asian-inspired! A burger with a robust yet cohesive flavour is greatly enhanced by the addition of gingerroot & garlic.

BBQ Sauce

Burgers go well with ketchup because it’s a common ingredient in barbecue sauce! The bison burgers are elevated by dill pickles, cheddar, & grilled onions.


You may add flavour to beef, pork, and chicken burgers by slicing or grating truffles from the Perigord and Summer varieties. If you’re searching for a wintertime truffle beef burger recipe, try the white Alba truffle because of their powerful scent. Truffle cheese slices, like Snowdonia Black Truffle Cheddar, Truffle Pecorino, or our personal favourite, Tomme de Vache with Truffles, may also improve cheeseburgers.  

Final Words:

Change the flavour & thickness of your barbecue masterpiece by playing with different delectable toppings and sauces for your burger dish. These 7 options, which range from caramelised onions to pesto, have plenty that appeal to everybody and can elevate a simple burger to the status of culinary art. Make your custom burger by mixing and matching your favourite toppings, then serve it to your friends at your next get-together.

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