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“Alice in Borderland,” a manga series by Haro Aso, has enthralled readers with its blend of psychological suspense, survival drama, and supernatural elements. The story follows Ryohei Arisu and his friends as they find themselves transported to a mysterious parallel world where they must compete in deadly games to survive. As the manga reached its conclusion, fans eagerly awaited the resolution of the characters’ fates and the secrets of the Borderland. In this article, we’ll explore the ending of “Alice in Borderland,” its impact on readers, and answer some frequently asked questions about the series.

The Journey to the End

“Alice in Borderland” is a story of survival and self-discovery. Ryohei Arisu, along with his friends Karube and Segawa, must navigate the dangers of the Borderland, a twisted version of Tokyo where they are forced to participate in deadly games to stay alive. As the trio delves deeper into the mysteries of the Borderland, they uncover dark secrets about the nature of the games and the true purpose behind their existence.

Throughout the series, the characters undergo profound personal growth, facing their fears and confronting their pasts. Themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the human will to survive are central to the narrative, creating a compelling and emotional journey for readers.

The Final Chapters

The final chapters of “Alice in Borderland” are a culmination of the characters’ struggles and revelations. As Ryohei and his friends face the ultimate challenges of the Borderland, they are forced to confront their own demons and make difficult choices. The true nature of the games and the mysterious figure behind them are revealed, leading to a climactic showdown that will determine the fate of the Borderland and its inhabitants.

The resolution of the series is both satisfying and bittersweet, as the characters’ destinies are revealed and their journey comes to an end. The conclusion offers closure for the characters’ arcs while leaving room for interpretation and reflection on the themes of the series.

Themes and Messages

One of the central themes of “Alice in Borderland” is the nature of reality and perception. The Borderland is a distorted mirror of Tokyo, where the rules of the world are constantly shifting and nothing is as it seems. This theme is reflected in the characters’ struggles to understand the true nature of their situation and to distinguish between what is real and what is illusion.

Another important theme is the power of choice. Throughout the series, the characters are forced to make difficult decisions that have profound consequences. Their choices not only impact their own fates but also the lives of those around them. This theme emphasizes the importance of agency and the ability to determine one’s own path in life.


Q: What is the significance of the title “Alice in Borderland”?

A: The title “Alice in Borderland” is a reference to Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” suggesting a similar theme of a character navigating a strange and fantastical world. In this case, the Borderland serves as a metaphor for the challenges and uncertainties of life.

Q: What is the meaning behind the games in the Borderland?

A: The games in the Borderland serve as a test of the characters’ will to survive and their ability to adapt to changing circumstances. They also reflect the darker aspects of human nature, such as greed, betrayal, and desperation.

Q: How does the manga explore the theme of friendship?

A: Friendship is a central theme in “Alice in Borderland,” as the characters rely on each other for support and survival. Their bonds are tested by the challenges they face, but ultimately, their friendship gives them strength and hope.

Q: What message does the ending convey about the nature of reality?

A: The ending of “Alice in Borderland” suggests that reality is subjective and can be shaped by individual perception. It also implies that true reality is found in the connections we make with others and the choices we make in life.


The ending of “Alice in Borderland” is a poignant conclusion to a manga that has captivated readers with its suspenseful storytelling and memorable characters. As fans bid farewell to Ryohei Arisu and his friends, they are left with a story that explores profound themes of identity, choice, and the nature of reality. “Alice in Borderland” will be remembered as a thrilling and thought-provoking journey into the unknown, leaving a lasting impact on its readers.

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