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A Sign of Affection Manga

A Sign of Affection” (Yubisaki to Renren) is a heartwarming and beautifully illustrated manga that has captivated readers with its tender romance and unique storytelling. Created by Suu Morishita, this manga stands out for its portrayal of love, communication, and understanding between two individuals from different worlds. As the series approaches its conclusion, many fans are eager to know how the story wraps up. This article will delve into the ending of A Sign of Affection, exploring its most romantic elements and the journey of its beloved characters.

The Journey of Love in A Sign of Affection

The Unique Romance of Yuki and Itsuomi

A Sign of Affection” follows the story of Yuki, a deaf university student, and Itsuomi, a multilingual traveler who becomes fascinated by her world. Their romance begins with a chance encounter on a train, sparking a connection that transcends conventional communication barriers. Itsuomi’s curiosity and Yuki’s openness form the foundation of their relationship, leading to a tender and deeply emotional journey.

The manga highlights the challenges and triumphs of their relationship, focusing on themes of inclusivity, empathy, and the power of non-verbal communication. Through Yuki and Itsuomi’s interactions, readers are introduced to a love story that is both poignant and inspiring.

Building Connections and Overcoming Obstacles

As their relationship develops, Yuki and Itsuomi face numerous obstacles, both internal and external. Yuki grapples with her insecurities and the fear of being misunderstood, while Itsuomi learns to navigate the nuances of communicating with someone who experiences the world differently. The manga beautifully portrays their efforts to bridge the gap between their worlds, using sign language, technology, and, most importantly, their emotional connection.

The series also introduces a cast of supporting characters who enrich the story and provide additional layers of depth. Yuki’s friends and family play crucial roles in her journey, offering support and understanding as she navigates her relationship with Itsuomi. Their presence adds to the authenticity and warmth of the narrative, making the story even more relatable and engaging.

The Heartfelt Conclusion

As A Sign of Affection reaches its conclusion, the final chapters focus on the culmination of Yuki and Itsuomi’s journey. The ending is a celebration of their love and the growth they have experienced together. It showcases the strength of their bond and their commitment to understanding and supporting each other, despite the challenges they face.

The manga’s conclusion is both satisfying and emotionally resonant, leaving readers with a sense of hope and fulfillment. Yuki and Itsuomi’s story ends on a high note, emphasizing the beauty of their relationship and the importance of communication, empathy, and love. The final scenes are a testament to the transformative power of their connection, providing a fitting end to a truly romantic tale.


1. How many chapters are in A Sign of Affection manga?

The manga has a total of 39 chapters. It is compiled into several volumes, each beautifully illustrated and thoughtfully written.

2. Where can I read A Sign of Affection manga?

A Sign of Affection manga is available for purchase through online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Book Depository. Digital versions can also be found on platforms like Kindle, ComiXology, and the Kodansha Comics website.

3. Is the manga faithful to real-life experiences of deaf individuals?

Yes, the manga takes great care in portraying the experiences of deaf individuals accurately and respectfully. The use of sign language, the depiction of communication barriers, and the representation of the deaf community are handled with sensitivity and authenticity.

4. Will there be an anime adaptation of A Sign of Affection?

As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding an anime adaptation. However, the manga’s popularity and critical acclaim have led many fans to hope for an anime version in the future.

5. What themes are explored in A Sign of Affection?

The manga explores themes of love, communication, inclusivity, empathy, and personal growth. It delves into the challenges and rewards of building a relationship that transcends traditional communication barriers and highlights the importance of understanding and acceptance.


A Sign of Affection is a beautifully crafted manga that tells a deeply romantic and emotionally resonant story. The journey of Yuki and Itsuomi, from their first meeting to their heartfelt conclusion, is a testament to the power of love and communication. As the series comes to an end, readers are left with a profound sense of fulfillment and admiration for the characters and their journey. If you’re looking for a manga that captures the essence of romance in a unique and touching way, A Sign of Affection is a must-read. Happy reading!

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